Ontario teams shines at U-16 National Championship in Winnipeg

U16 Canada Cup Tournament – Winnipeg Manitoba – 2015:

Day One Report:

On a gorgeous warn and sunny day at the picturesque Assiniboine Park – the competition got off to a very successful start with an amazing day’s Cricket after an opening ceremony that was chaired by the hosts – Ron DIPCHAND and Garvin Budhoo.

All teams were warmly greeted by the Manitoba Cricket Association’s president and event manager to enjoy the hospitality of their fair city and the excellent facilities that were made available for this competition. The event was also graced by the presence of the City Councillor who has been very instrumental in the creation of these Cricket Facilities. The MCA should be very proud of the quality of their facilities.

The sight of 3 games being played side by side on cricket outfields that are genuinely conducive to playing the sports in its true form was very satisfying to both the players and coaches & managers who had the privilege to do so. Cricket Council of Ontario like to thank Garvin and Ron for a very well managed tournament so far and it is a welcome sight to see everything running smoothly – great job guys.

Today’s game saw the following teams in competition:

Ontario Green: Vs BC: Ontario won this game easily by 81 runs with the following scores and performances:

Ontario 241 for 7 from 45 Overs – Emmanuel Khokar 83, Marcus Nandu 41* and Maahil Arshad 36 , Muhammed Abubaker 23. Sarjat 39 runs 3 wickets for BC

BC: 160/10 in 44.3 Franco Jamison 27, Udaybir Walia 30, Emmanuel Khokhar 3/24, Rishiv Joshi 2/33, Raquib shamsuddin 2/23, Ebaduddin Mohammed 1/18, Rohan Patel 1/23.

Ontario Reds Vs Alberta: Ontario won this game by 57 runs in a very well contested game that saw the Reds sorting 255 / 10 in 45 Overs. Alberta replied with 204 for 10. Rancher 49, Bhavindu Adhihetty 74, Arsalan Khan 25 ands Aran Pathmnthan 28. Bhanindu also captured 5 wickets in easily being the MVP for this game.

Following scores and performances:
Ontario Reds: 258/10 Bhavindu Adhihetty 74, Randhir Sandhu 49, Arsalan Khan 25 and Aran Pathmnthan 28. Jay Patel 4/43, Kumwar Chana 3/16

Alberta: 201/10 Pranav Sharma 61, Umar Ahmed 55, Bhavindu Adhihetty 5/33, Aran Pathmnthan 3/33

Saskatchewan vs. The Combines: this game saw the Saskatchewan boys scoring 186 for and dismissing the combined bog for 174. Kevin Gilotra and Moazam Qureshi representing Ontario performed well.

Kevin Gilotra 32 and 2/44 and Moazam Qureshi 20 and 2/43